Chicken forgotten

Chicken forgotten

Per Serving 385 calories

Fat 24 g

Carbs 9 g

Protein 31 g



  1. 1 cup cooked vegtables
  2. 1 pound of roasted chicken pieces.
  3. 2 cups chicken vegetable broth.
  4. 3 servings of Mountain House Chicken Stew, or any dehydrated or freeze dried food that is mostly chicken, on a MRE that is mostly chicken.
  5. 6 small potatoes chopped into 1 inch squares.
  6. Water as needed.


  • You will need to prepare the "Survival Retreat Roasted Chicken" first.
  • The Dutch oven should have the cooked vegtables, roasted chicken pieces, and broth left in it from that recipe.
  • Put the Dutch oven on low heat and stir in the chicken product.
  • Stir for about 20 minutes to allow the freeze dried or dehydrated food to absorb the water.
  • Add water as needed.
  • Stir in the potato chunks.
  • Serve it over Rampart Rice.
  • Serve it in the Dutch oven, be sure to put something down to protect the table top from the Dutch oven's cast iron legs.


Before you do this recipe you will need to prepare the "Survival Retreat Roasted Chicken" first. Some of the ingredients for this recipe are left over from that recipe.

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