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About artist Andy Campbell

Andy Campbell- world traveler - helicopter bush pilot


  •  About Andy Campbell – After two tours in Vietnam, Andy worked as a civilian helicopter pilot and flew throughout the world. His landscapes show a pilot’s perspective because his work often took him where no hand of man existed. The artist in him thrived as he was often exposed to strange, uninhabited, and exotic places. He developed the ability to experience the spirt, and essence of unspoiled places. This oddball collection of life experiences feeds his imagination allowing him a unique artistic expression. 

My Medium


Oil, acrylic, and water color along with pen and ink are the mediums used. I work on canvas with different types of panels, along with heavy watercolor paper. Watercolors are mounted in presentation frames as soon as they are dry to protect them. 

My Inspiration


My art is inspired as I hike, walk, and backpack in remote wilderness areas, colorful deserts, and ocean coastlines. The works are directly influenced by the sensory experience of nature: plants, wildlife, rocks and other formations, clouds, sky, colors, shapes, sounds, smells, touch, and  solitude. 


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we got flooded with mud

None of the paintings were damaged during winter floods. Rita and I will spend most of Aug in Fawnskin working on office. Building codes require handicapped bathroom, which we can not do. So all sales will be on the internet from this website  

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